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3 Great Tools that give you more time in the New Year

On the US blog Refinery29 we found a very helpful article on The Best Apps For Making Ihr persönliches Terminplanungs Profil MeetMe powered by Doodle(& Keeping) New Year's Resolutions. Lots of people want more time - for family, friends, themselves and interesting projects. Inspired by the piece on Refinery29 and this constant wish for more time we wrote this blogpost on three tools that save us a lot of time. Also, this blogpost is just in time to be part of the Blogparade #toolparade initiated by ZIELBAR. You can find more information on the #toolparade and blogposts here.

Doodle MeetMe

In the article on Refinery29, Doodle is included in the Apps list. We use Doodle a lot, but companywise much more often we rely on that special sub product Doodle MeetMe. This great tool allows us to connect our calendars and show customers our availabilty. So when business partners or customers want to meet the three of us in a hangout or in person, they can just check our Doodle MeetMe and request a meeting. We also have personal Doodle MeetMe accounts to arrange meetings just with one of us. This tool saves us very much time we can use for other projects, which is great.


mite. Heute 7. JanFor some of our bigger and more complex projects we started tracking our time with mite in 2015. mite is a very easy to use Cloud-based time tracker. Reportings are extremely well-made and don’t take much time. You can also give customers access to their time tracks which even saves you more time. Thus, mite is another huge time saver for our company and therefore has to be part of this list.

Google Apps for Work

This year we will spend less time together in the same city, so we will use Google Apps for Work even more. At the moment none of us feels something missing because of this. We use Hangout, email, can access each others calendar and share important documents. Screenshot Hangout (1)For making small talk we use Hangout chat and a closed Google+ community which works well for us.

Now we are curious to hear your tool recommendations for the New Year. Which tool or app helps you keeping New Year’s Resolutions? What are your big time savers?

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Andrea König arbeitet seit 2008 im Bereich IT-Kommunikation und ist Mitgründerin, Trainerin und Kommunikationsverantwortliche bei plus3trainings.
Weitere Informationen zu Andrea und ihren aktuellen Projekten gibt es auf Ihrer Website www.koenigand.de und unter www.devcomm.de
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